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Belt Filter Press

Belt Filter Press is a biosolids dewatering machine that applies mechanical pressure to a chemically conditioned slurry. Typically, it receives a slurry ranging from 1-4% feed solids, and dewatered cake can reach variable dry solid content between 18 to 35%.

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifugecan be used to produce both thickened sludge and extremely dry dewatered cake as well as 3-phase separation and inclassification processes, and we have worked on decanter centrifuges since 1983...

Low temperature Belt Dryer System

Belt Dryeris an automatically and continuously operated system optimally suitable for energy-saving and eco-friendly drying of municipal and industrial sludge. Sludge is dried to save disposal costs, and to use as fertilizer as well as fuel.

Dewatering Screw Press

Dewatering Screw Press   consists of a series of aligned rings with a variable pitch auger running through their center. The unique design has made possible the direct dewatering of low concentration oxidation ditch or waste activated sludge ...

Gravity Belt Thickener

Gravity Belt Thickeneris intended for reducing sludge volume of biosolids and waste activated sludge. Also the thickener can be used as first stage of biosolids dewatering to help reduce the downstream treatment capacity of biosolids dewatering equipment...

Polymer Make-up Units (PMU)

Flocculation is a vital stage in the water treatment, drinking water and wastewater plants.‍ PMU is a an affortable technology that preparing and dosing polymer, saving chemical costs. It can be used for preparation of powder and liquid polymer...

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

VOR   developed a non-clogging conveying surface that allows difficult-to-convey material to become easy-to-convey...

Hyperboloid/Submersible Mixer

Mixers that produced by VOR are reliable quality products each being subjected to careful final inspection before it shipping.


About VOR

VOR Separation Technology Co., Ltd was born in 2016 from people coming from the biosolids treatment industry, with the goal of becoming a leading resource for advanced wastewater & sludge treatment as well as submersible propeller technology.

We started from the manufacturing of belt presses and related additional equipment, as project portfolio and client base grew, we eventually developed some high-quality wastewater process equipment to better meet the customer’s needs. In our company there are engineers that are dedicated to develop new products and to study the proposed applications, this is why we are able to guarantee a service before, during and after the sales.

NEWS!   now VOR is a member of   EKOSEP LOGO.pnggroup!


1988, Oy EKOTUOTANTO Ab (EKOSEP Finland) was founded in Finland.

2006, EKOSEP was established in China,

2009, EKOSEP installed the first belt dryer system for sludge drying.

To date, EKOSEP has delivered hundreds of installation in field of agruicultural, industrial and municipal around the globe.

Biosolids Dewatering System

We have installed hundreds of biosolids dewatering system in municipal, pome, textile, paper mill, mining and many other industries. With this wealth of experience, we design dewatering systems specifically to your project needs. VOR provides not only a single piece of equipment but also fully-integrated system solutions.

Sludge/Biomass Drying Solutions

LTD series belt dryer is a highly efficient method to dry sludge. Low emissions as well as a high-quality final product in the form of dust free granulates, together with low operation costs are the striking advantages of the VOR belt drier technique, and our belt dryer system complied with American sterilization standard EPA503 "Class A".

Mixing&Agitating Technologies

Our engineers have worked on applications of submersible mixer, low-speed flow propeller and hyperboloid mixer in water and wastewater treatment for more than 20 years, combined with our 11000m2 production base, VOR can provide service of project design, individual equipment, installation kits, and spare parts.


VOR has already worked with many companies in more than 20 countries and regions to deal with wastewater and biosolids treatment matter.

Kindly go through our project references and call us please if you’ve got a similar wastewater treatment matter on hand.

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Belt Filter Press LS10B18TM*2 sets

Gravity Belt Thickener GT2600* 2sets

Belt Dryer System 60ton/day

D‍issolved Air Flotation, 10t/hr.

Decanter Centrifuge LW430 * 5sets

Dewatering Screw Press DSP303* 1set

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